Jedi Academy Lion Issues

Note: This information has been superceded by JKJALaunch

Here are a couple of issues running Jedi Academy on OS X Lion (and also their solutions).

  1. OpenGL extensions cause the game to crash on startup. You can either solve this by disabling OpenGL extensions ( r_allowExtensions 0 ) or by using my handy Jedi Academy MP Lion launcher, which allows OpenGL extensions to work by just disabling OpenGL error checking. You can get it HERE. Put it in the same folder as your Jedi Academy MP application. Note that the launcher only works with the 1.0.1e multiplayer patch.
  2. OpenAL causes the game to run extremely slowly. You can solve this by turning off OpenAL sound. Bring up the console with (shift ~), then enter these commands:

/s_useOpenAL 0