Jedi Academy

Here you can find my various Jedi Academy related things.

MacBook Issues

If you’re having problems running Jedi Academy (or, for that matter, any Quake 3 engine game) on a MacBook with an integrated graphics card which result in the game making a strange buzzing sound rather than actually opening, try using the launcher below (with JA/JK2/W:ET) or putting this autoexec.cfg into your base/baseq3/etmain/whatever it’s called folder. Check that the extension is still .cfg when you download it, your browser might add an unwanted .txt at the end.

Lion Issues

There are some issues running Jedi Academy on Lion to do with ATI FSAA  and OpenGL. I made a launcher that works around this. You can download it HERE.


I find that the Mac Jedi Academy patches are a bit hard to find nowadays, so I’ve hosted them here.

These are for the disc-based copies of the game, not for Digital Download copies.

10 thoughts on “Jedi Academy

  1. i downloaded the installer..and was able to get the base folder off both disks, but that was it….what else do i need to do to make the game run? thx

  2. Hello. I follow all the above instructions and it doesn’t work. Every time I try to launch JKJALaunch, it appears in dock for like two seconds, then it crashes. Can u help?

  3. What version of mac Jedi Academy do you have? Where is the game installed & where’s JKJALaunch? Are there any messages left in the Console after JKJALaunch fails to work (/Applications/

  4. I’m trying to launch Jedi Academy on Mac OS X 10.8.3, but nothing ever happens. I’ve tried pointing the launcher to MP and single-player. gives these error messages:

    3/31/13 1:15:07.945 PM JKJALaunch[14500]: [QL] Can’t get plugin bundle info at file://localhost/Applications/
    3/31/13 1:15:15.204 PM JKJALaunch[14500]: CFURLCreateFilePathURL failed because it was passed this URL which has no scheme: /Applications/Games/Jedi%20Academy/

        • This launcher quits immediately on my 10.8.4 with the error report

          Dyld Error Message:
          could not load inserted library: /Volumes/Backup/Spiele/LucasArts/Jedi Academy/

          • Sorry for the late reply, I only just sorted out comments.

            Are there any other messages in in Applications/Utilities when this happens? Which version of Jedi Academy are you using?

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